My mom’s hair always smells so good. Idk how she does it. Sometimes I walk into her room and randomly smell her head and she gives me a funny look. When she was starting her dreads, we used to call her hair “nuggets” because they were so cute and little. Now her hair pretty healthy and long. It would’ve been longer but she asked my aunt to style and cut them.



my mom and her hair. The top she has her proud and beautiful gray. On the bottom you can see the length. She uses a lot of olive oil moisturizer and she just began using castor oil to see how it works. 


#Locs throughout the years.

I left my dreads in a bun for a couple of days and just tried to take it out
This is less a question, more an offering up of some interesting information- but I wanted to ask you if you have ever heard of someone starting their dreads using the resin/hash-like material that collects on hands while working with fresh herb? I met someone last Summer who said he continuously wiped his hands on his hair while trimming ganja one season, and then simply separated it into sections. He has very lovely, tight little dreads. I would have had no clue he started them that way.


I doubt it had much to do what was on his hands and more to do with the friction of his hands running through his hair. Tumblr user cheatum45 started his freeform locs this way, and they look great. They are in separate sections and quite distinct, even though he only started a few weeks ago.

- KJ

Please tell me you're not white


Good news — er, for you I guess — I’m not.

- KJ

My dreads are about 2 years old and I play rugby for my university. We were playing a game last weekend and the person who washed our jerseys didn't dry them right so they smelled like mildew. During the game my hair was rubbing against my jersey the whole time. A week later and my hair still smells like those dang jerseys. I tried washing them but it only makes it worse. Does this mean I have dread rot? How can I fix this so I can be little spoon again and not be embarrassed by my hair?



No, lock rot is caused by mildew. The good news is that it takes a while for mildew to form. And mildew isn’t like a transferrable virus, so it can’t easily be “passed on” from clothing to your hair through contact.

My first suggestion would be to wash your hair. You said that didn’t work, though. Have you tried something like dish soap to wash your hair? Harsh soaps like that aren’t ideal for habitual use, but it’ll definitely get the job done when your hair comes into contact with something icky. Try that out and see how it goes.

If that doesn’t work, you can try a deep clean on your hair. 

Other than that, I don’t have too many suggestions. Try asking a trusted friend if your hair smells bad. Sometimes I get convinced that my hair sticks when it really doesn’t. (I even get worried that it smells worse in the shower, but it’s just a normal “hair smell” that others don’t notice.) You can put nice fragrances in your hair with scented shampoos, essential oils (peppermint, patchouli), fragrance oils (vanilla, sandalwood), or extracts (orange, almond). The ones in parentheses are just common examples, but the options are nearly endless.

Let us know if the problem persists or if you find a solution. 

- KJ


mrenay: Loc Petals in Silver Spring, Maryland.
Got these done on Saturday and had to share! Had that “work it girl!” walk all the way back to my car. 
hello! i'm a white girl with quite thin hair, i'm thinking of starting dreads.... best tips?



Many people are very concerned about having thin hair when they are considering locks. The best advice I can give you is to make your locks thin. The more locks you have on your head, the less likely your scalp will show. Most people can get twenty or more lock on their head, and that looks just fine!

When you stat your locks, they’ll be pretty thin and tiny. But you can expect your locks to double in thickness after maturing. So if you have thin locks at the start, don’t worry. They’ll shrink and accumulate lost hairs, and they’ll be far more voluminous than on day 1.

The main concern for people with thin hair is the issue of exposed scalp. To avoid that, make your locks as thin as you can (or as your aesthetic tastes prefer) and be sure to stagger your sectioning. You should be a-okay if you follow those simple tips!

And if you start them and it doesn’t work out, you can always brush them out.

- KJ


Actually like my hair rn
What about the aloe retwisting technique on white girl hair, does it still react the same?


"White girl hair" is a vague term. Some white girls have coarser hair than others. Some white girls have dry, curly hair. Other white girls have silky, straight hair. So it’s hard to say with the information given.

I’ve heard of this working on people with various hair types, since the aloe has a bit of a gel-like hold, but I haven’t seen to many photos of it. If anything, it’s worth a try! It’s cheap and washes out. And if it doesn’t work, you can use the aloe for other things like recipes, sun burns, dry skin, and itches from bug bites.

If you decide to try it, let us know how it goes and consider sending a photo!

- KJ


Hello! I just started my dreadlocks a little over a week ago and I’m loving them…but I’m just a little bit concerned about the sectioning. I have about 30 dreads and as you can see it’s a little bit spacey in the back. As they lock up and thicken, will those spaces be covered? I would really like my dreads to be distributed evenly across the back of my head so should I consider re sectioning that part? 

It’s hard to predict with certainty whether the thickening will cover the perceived bareness. Exposed scalp is best hidden with thinner locks, rather than thicker locks. You can choose to resection them if you like, or see if they thicken over time.
The downside to waiting is that your locks will be tighter and more difficult to brush out for resectioning, especially with how long your hair is. It’s really up to you, because it’s hard for me to say.
Sorry about the vague answer! They don’t look bad right now as-is, but I totally understand how easy it is to be self-conscious about your own hair!
- KJ
Do you have any short dread updo ideas? With short I mean about chin length. I'm hesitating to dread my entire head because I'm afraid that it will shrink to that length eventually, considering I'm at collarbone length right now. Knowing some updos would really help :) Thanks!


Ooh, I definitely know that feeling! Here are a few styles that worked for me while my hair was growing out:

  • Tuck and roll — The video here shows someone with long hair doing it, but it’s definitely possible with shorter hair!
  • Basketweave — Though it took forever for my hair to be long enough to do one down the middle, it works well on short hair by doing one on each side.
  • Modified ponytails — Try gathering the locks on the top half of your head and making a ponytail with them. Then leave the bottom half hanging. You can also fancy up the top with braiding as well.
  • Curls and waves — You can make your locks look wavy or curly by using flexi-rods, perm rods, and braidouts. This gives great volume and texture to locks of any thickness! They’re not updos, but they’re stylish nonetheless!
  • Chescalocs has a great playlist of styles for short locks.
  • And here is another playlist of starter lock styles by LocdNLovelyRita.

Our site also has tags for lock styles as well as updos, so check them out and see if any photos inspire you!

Hopefully this was helpful!

- KJ

Do I have to wait for my hair to dry before putting aloe vera in?



For the method of application I use, it is definitely useful to apply the aloe when your hair is wet. Otherwise it’s completely ineffective. Slathering aloe on your hair without training it to do something (via twisting, braiding, or some other manipulation) while it dries won’t do much good.

I accidentally let my hair dry this week before applying my aloe, so what I did was mix water, aloe, fragrance oil, and jojoba oil in a spray bottle. I sprayed my roots with the solution, twisted the roots, clipped them into place, and let my hair dry before removing the clips. My locks look great and smell fantastic too.

- KJ


I’m one month into locing.  I know my hair won’t like for a while because it’s so soft, but i’m excited nontheless.