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Length check this morning☺️ 2 years of learning, growing, pain and love loc’d into my babies! #rastayogi #locs

I recently dreaded my entire head and I only have about thirteen locks. Most people seem to have 50+ and so I wonder if something I did was wrong or if it's just because my hair was already really thin... Thoughts?


Hello there, 

If you are happy with your locks, then great! Number doesn’t matter. There isn’t a number that “most people” have. 

The possible number of locks ranges from 1 to over 700. If you fall somewhere in the middle, you’ll be alright. 

You have a few things to consider:
1- Did you make them initially so they would be the thickness you want in the long run? If you did that, you will likely find they will double or triple in thickness in the next year as they mature. Are you prepared for that and would you be happy with that result? 
Your locks will no stay their original thickness, especially on straighter hair. 

2- Are you happy with the sectioning? Is it even and neat, or did you sort of grab’n’go? Neat tidy sectioning makes long-term maintenance much easier, and making non-oblong sections will help prevent your roots from splitting into two locks. 

3- Are you happy with how they look? If you like them, keep them and know they’ll get thicker. If you don’t like them, you can change them!! 

If you would like to keep your locks as they are, then good! Awesome! Happy locking!

If you would like to change them, you have a few options:
1- If you took each lock you have, and brushed just one out at a time, split it into three, and then moved to the next lock and split that one into three… well at the end you’d have 45 locks! If you split each into two, you’d have 30 locks! This method is less overwhelming, and you could do just one lock per day, and keep some of the bigger ones if you like them. The downside would be that the sectioning might be a bit messy this way.

2- You could brush them ALL out, and try again! I had to make 3 sets of locks before I had one that made me really happy. This would take a while, and starting over can make you feel sad or like your first efforts were worthless, but they weren’t! You learned to make locks on the first go-round, so the second will be better. 
If you do this, I have a sectioning guide:

and I have a resectioning video if you wanted to do that:

So, the different options are laid out for you! Good luck in whatever you choose and I hope whatever incarnation your locks take, it makes you happy.


this is a picture i took a few months ago + never posted
Can you comb locks out? Or does it depend on your hair texture or how long you had it in?



People of every hair texture can brush out their locks! Locks can be brushed out at any age. I’ve seen straight hair locks combed out after 10 years, and afro textured hair locs brushed out after 6 years. It is not unreasonable to think that even older ones can be brushed out. 

Typically, someone with years-old locks will cut off the bottom ends of their locks– sometimes 6-12 inches or even a bit more before they start brushing locks out. If your locks are past waist length, it is suggested to cut off some of the bottoms in this way to get the tiredest and most weathered ends of locks off, and to get a head start on brushing them out! 

Anyway, yes, almost all locks can be brushed out. Unless you do something wacky like glue your hair into locks, they should be able to be brushed out. Locks that have a buildup of product like wax or improperly rinsed shampoo will be much more difficult to comb out. 

hi , i got my locks 4 days ago they were really tight and had very few lose hair now they became very soft and i have loose hair everywhere and my scalp is really itch.... is it normal for new dreads ? thank you very much :)



This is pretty normal. I do tight setups on locks, and even my own locks on my head tend to fall a little bit apart and get fluffy. It will happen. 

You can crochet hook your locks one time now, and once a month after this if you would like them to be a little less fluffy and a little more tidy. 
How to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k86OWkCg8m8

However, if you simply leave them alone, while also separating them daily and washing them regularly and rinsing 10-15 minutes each time, they will sort of do their own thing. This will give you a wilder look than you will get if you crochet hook regularly, and your locks will get a bit thicker. 

Part of the looping process is that some locks will loosen, then re-tighten with many loops in their own way. The loops eventually get sucked back into the lock and may appear permanently bumpy, but that is generally how it goes. Even the tightest set up locks will loosen and start to loop up on their own, which is why some people choose monthly maintenance. 

If your locks were set up very tightly, it might have caused too much tension on your scalp. This can irritate your hair follicles and make your hair itchy. If you have rubber bands in at your roots, this will DEFINITELY be too tight and make your scalp itch, and you should remove all rubber bands now, as they are not good for your locks.
If you have not washed your hair in 4 days and you feel that that is the reason your scalp is itchy, just wash your hair! 

There is no wait period on washing your new locks (unless you have a delicate setup like comb coils which wouldn’t work on your hair texture anyway), and you can wash them at any point. It will make them a little fluffier, but fluffiness is totally normal for baby locks. 



Smiles all around 🌸✌
had them for a year now :)

So I did dreadlockINFO’s deep clean on my dreads.
And now they’re clean, wet, and more blonde than brown. xP
Katlin here and my dreads are 2 months :)
I got a perm about 2 months ago, and I was wondering if it would be okay to put some dreads in even though my hair is chemically wavy, and not naturally that way? I'm not sure if I'm making much sense. I loveee this blog, by the way. It is so resourceful (:


Hello there, 

It will be fine. Whether chemically straightened or waved, locks can still be made. 

People with relaxers also start locks. As long as your hair is not so damaged that it is snapping off, you can lock it. 

Though if you invested in a perm, why not just make some temporary dreads and braid them into your hair? 

I hope this helps! 


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