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is it possible to add synthetic dreadlocks into hair that is already dreaded, not as extensions but at the roots to create the appearance of a fuller head of dreads?



We receive this sort of question fairly regularly. Unfortunately, we don’t really recommend doing it. While it is theoretically possible to attach an artificial ”fork” to your locks, when your locks grow out, they will look strange. The bottom of your hair will be much more voluminous than the top.

I suggest finding other ways to add volume to your locks. You can do braidouts. All you have to do is braid all of your locks. Then go a while with the braids in—sleeping in the braids at least once is preferable. Take the braids out, and you’ll have great little waves in your hair. If your hair has trouble maintaining a curl, try dampening your locks when you braid it.

If you blow dry your hair, try holding your head upside down while doing so. That tends to give your hair a bit of extra oomph.

Also feel free to put single-ended synthetic locks around the root with a lark’s head knot for temporary wear. The should be removed before each wash, but they definitely add to the body of your hair. Adding temporary wool locks at the root is also an option. Please note that neither of these additions are intended for long-term wear.

Feel free to extend the ends of your hair, but I would avoid trying to attach new permanent locks on the root. It wouldn’t work as well as you’d probably hope. Your only safe options are temporary.

That said, though, also be aware that if your locks are immature, they will thicken with time. By the time most locks are fully mature, they will have doubled in size. Even when I thought my hair was done shrinking, it kept thickening right up! I only noticed it by looking back at photos.

- KJ


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Mermaid locs are still trending and I’m all for it!

Had dreads for 2 1/2 years now!😁 I feel accomplished👌❤️

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