Hello, I had Afro textured hair but then I relaxed it around July last year and then I started my dreadlocks around March this year. Its been almost 5 months and I just wanted to ask what signs of progress I'm supposed to be seeing at this point, I speculate things may be sort of slower because I relaxed my hair last year


Everyone’s hair locs at a different rate. I started my locs with a relaxer, and it took about two years for my locs to stop changing shape. I have heard this timeframe from other people who started their locs without relaxers, too, though.

How fast your hair will knot is continent on your starting method, how often you maintain your hair, how often you wash your hair, whether your wrap your hair up at night, your hair type, and many other factors. It’s simply impossible to tell anyone what their locs “should” look like after a given timeframe.

Your hair may loc faster or slower because of the relaxer—faster because of the roughened cuticles, but slower because of the chemically altered texture. But just be content in knowing you are going at your own pace. 

The time of maturation will come!

- KJ

Hi, so I had dreads for about 6 months, but my friend did them and they were not up to par. I didn't like how they were sectioned and what not. So I took them out, and I'm going to do them myself. I had one problem, everytime I would wash my hair they would all like lock together (around my roots) and most of the time I would just have to rip them apart, and it was very painful. Any advice?



Unfortunately, all you can do is just keep separating and waiting it out. Baby locks like to stick together at the roots, and separating them can be painful. But as they mature, their tendency to stick together will diminish greatly. So just hang in there!

If you want to make things a bit better, you can try to maintain any excessive loose hairs around your roots. But other than that, it’s just a waiting game.

- KJ


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Hi! When dreads are fully mature, (straight hair) how fast is the rate of growth?


Locks do not change the rate by which your hair grows.

At first it may seem like your hair isn’t growing, because the starting and maturation process can make some sets of locks shrink up to lengths shorter than the individual hairs. Because of this, it can take a while for your locks to grow back down to the “original length” of the hair your started with.

Even though locked hair doesn’t grow faster or slower than your free-flowing hair would, it can appear to grow slower. This is for two reasons: First, your hair doesn’t appear as long as it usually does when it knots up. This is because it is wiggling and loop-de-looping around in the lock, rather than hanging straight down. Your hair literally doesn’t shrink, but the total length of the lock does. This is normal, and after the maturation process is complete, your locks won’t get any shorter—they can only grow after that!

The second reason is related to the first: Since the hair has to squiggle around in the lock in order to knot up, your new growth has to do the same. Squiggled, knotted new growth looks like it grows slower, but it actually is just busy knotting up.

So, in total, locks seem to grow a tad bit slower than free-flowing hair, but it’s just because your individual hairs are all jumbled up, rather than falling straight down. 

But don’t worry! You’ll notice growth in due time! It took me about two years to notice growth in my current set of locks, and they seem to be gaining length rapidly now.

- KJ


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