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I’m going to try to abandon the “black hair” and “white hair” dichotomy from now on, because it’s very generalizing and non-inclusive concept. Like I’ve said in the past, “black hair” is not a monolithic concept—so it follows that “white/Caucasian hair” and any other kind of racial spin on the phrase are also fluid categories.

In order to move past these generalizations, here is a hair type chart by Andre Walker that I would like to start using. Referring to a specific curl pattern is more useful than stating your race, and I personally feel like I can better help those who have questions about their hair type if there’s a clear way of defining/describing it.

As a general rule, the typing guide goes as follows:
- Type 1: Pin straight hair 
- Type 2: Wavy hair
- Type 3: Curly hair (type 3c: telephone cord corkscrews)
- Type 4: Tightly curled and zig-zag hair

To find your hair type, click here or here.
Click on the photos above to see the hair type of the models; photoset images from

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